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The Trade Show Edge

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The Trade Show Edge eBook

The Trade Show Edge eBook has just been published . If you need to know how to attract and satisfy the trade show attendee with a compelling exhibit experience, then the Trade Show Edge is for you.  If you want productive results as a trade show exhibitor then you must have a trade show marketing plan. For further information, please visit:


The function of the exhibit is to “Spread the Word”

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An article about participating in trade shows:

You must constantly bear in mind the real function of your exhibit at a trade show and weigh each idea to see how it contributes to reaching your goal. Look at the function of your exhibit. What is it trying to do? What are you trying to achieve through its use? It makes a difference in your design thinking whether you wish to demonstrate a machine in operation to the widest possible audience, or if you expect to limit attendance in your booth to a very few important customers. Will you be doing a hard sell to anybody who stops by?

Collect the facts !

It is a waste of time to go ahead with a design, never mind construction, of an exhibit whose purpose is to obtain new dealers; to be faced with a comment by senior management that what is really needed is to identify a newly acquired product or service. The Sales Manager should realise right from the beginning what the exhibit is being planned to do.

The Exhibit and the Show Visitor:

Ideally, the design should attract every individual whom the exhibitor considers a prospect. The question can be stated as simply as this: "How do you design a trade show booth so you get the best results at various trade shows?" And here results mean telling your product story to more of the people who count in closing the sale.

Here are ten rules for designing a booth: 

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Determining your Trade Show Objectives

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An article about participating in trade shows  

Millions of individuals attend and thousands of companies participate, but relatively few who are involved in trade shows fully understand the exhibit medium. 

 There are many reasons why a company enters a trade show, and it is important that a company spell out its objectives before making this decision. These objectives can include: to make sales; to maintain an image and continuing contact with customers; to initiate contact with new customers; to introduce a new product or service; to demonstrate equipment; to offer an opportunity for customers to bring their technical problems and obtain solutions; to obtain feedback from booth visitors; to relate to the competition; etc The most common objective, of course, is the first one: to make sales and the trade show can play a unique role in leading a prospective buyer from mild interest to the decisive act of placing an order. While making sales and sales contacts is the most common objective of an exhibit, it is certainly not the only one. Participation in a trade show is a good way to sharpen one’s sensitivity to the conditions of the marketplace. At a trade show, you can sense the general attitude of people more rapidly than any other way. 

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