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How to get the most from overseas trade shows

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An article on participating in overseas trade shows  
Before you exhibit overseas consider these valuable tips. For the most part, they are applicable whether you enter exhibitions alone or in co-operation with a government body.
Select a market with care: Study the market before you decide to enter an overseas trade show. You will find that most government agencies have publications and statistics that are helpful. Trade associations, chambers of commerce, foreign consulates also can assist you. For example, the Australian government trade commission Austrade for Australian exporters and information for companies wanting to do business with Australia is a good source to start with. http://www.austrade.gov.au/

Decide your objectives: Why do you want to exhibit ? Are you looking for on-the-spot sales or new customers ? Do you want to introduce a new product or service ? Do you want to find representatives or distributors ? Are you interested in a joint venture or licensing arrangements ? Perhaps you want to exhibit in order to gain exposure or study the market. Whether you will be represented by one of your own sales people, a representative, or distributor, it is essential that you clearly establish and communicate to this individual your reasons for exhibiting and the results you expect during and after the trade show.

Learn all you can about the exhibition: If it is a trade fair, ask the organisers of the event for a catalogue of the previous event. Get the opinions of past exhibitors. Attendance figures are important and can indicate whether a trade show attracts local, national, or international business people. Make certain that no other fair is scheduled that may be better known or more appropriate for your products.

Please see the Full article at: http://themarketingupdate.com/How_to_get_the_most_from_overseas_trade_shows.html

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